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Elephants at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

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Hello! I’m back for beautiful Sri Lanka. It was so different it feels almost like a dream now. However, to prove that it was not – here is a picture of some of the beautiful Elephants we saw. I’ve just noticed what is either a huge dragonfly or a helicopter in the background – I don’t remember that being there when I took the photograph! These Elephants were part of the family at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. I have never particularly liked to see wild animals confined. I avoid zoos for example. That feeling of discomfort was present for me when seeing some of the Elephants here in chains. I also felt some of the oldest, youngest and disabled Elephants were being exploited for the tourists rather than the sanctuary putting their welfare first. I felt guilty for being one of those tourists. However, our guide explained that some of the Elephants in the wild in Sri Lanka are at risk of being shot by farmers, exploited by private owners or blown up by landmines left in the ground after the civil war. Pinnawalla offers an important sanctuary for orphaned Elephants  where they are looked after, protected and get all the care they need. Despite that and being very grateful to see these amazing animals at close quarters, I couldn’t shake the deep feeling of unease and I wondered whether I should have stayed away…


Elephants in Sri Lanka

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