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I am so excited! I have just won something for the first time ever – a copy of James Long’s Ferney, thanks to the lovely Cornflower Books. I’ve heard many wonderful things about this story, but have never read it and so I can’t wait for the ‘thwack’ of it on my mat! I will let you know my thoughts on it in due course, but in the meantime, do have a look at Karen’s summary on it here.

To complete the wonderful start to my week, tomorrow night I am going to be in Cambridge for Sebastian Faulks’ talk about his new book, A Possible Life, organised by Cambridge Wordfest. I will be trotting along with my notebook and camera and so will be able to share my experience with you shortly.

One thought on “Ferney

  1. I do hope you’ll enjoy Ferney, and how lovely to be seeing Sebastian Faulks. I’ve read good things about his new book.

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