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Thirty things before I’m thirty

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My 29th birthday is approaching, which is a bit of a shame as I have quite liked being 28. 28 feels like an adult, but still in a glamorous, youthful way. 29 does not have the same ring to it! However, in preparation for that birthday, I thought I would do a list of thirty things that I would like to achieve before I am thirty  – I’ve seen a few of these around on the internet and have found them interesting. Hopefully it will help you learn a little more about me and also help me stick to it when I revisit it before my 30th!

In no particular order….

1. Have a dog in my life

2. Start my PhD (more on this later)

3. Start writing again by continuing my blog and writing at least one short story

4. Save at least £300 a month

5. Read all of Shakespeare’s history plays (and try to go and see a few)

6. Go swimming at least once a week

7. Reach out to friends once a month (at least)

8. Stand on the Great Wall of China

9. See the Northern Lights

10. Save up for a gorgeous handbag

11. Get enough sleep by going to bed a little earlier

12. Remember to be serene if things are stressful

13. Be brave when there is the opportunity

14. Try being blonde for a while

15. Sort out my pension tax issue once and for all

16. Go to the theatre

17. Move to the country

18. Try a new recipe at least once a month

19. Reread the Anne of Green Gables series

20. Wear more bright lipstick

21. Spend more time with my family

22. Try to stop the nervous habit of chewing the inside of my cheeks

23. Invest in some good skincare and floss every day

24. Listen to more music – buy those cd’s you’ve been thinking about and dig out your iPod

25. If it is not beautiful or useful, get rid of it!

26. Kiss my husband everyday

27. Lose 7 lbs

28. Figure out how to be happier in my job or work towards getting a new job

29. Watch less rubbish T.V.

30. Remember this is only the beginning!

Go on! Share your thoughts!

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