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International Women’s Day


In honour of International Women’s Day yesterday I thought I’d write about a series I have just completed that has women at its heart. I was introduced to the Mother and Daughter Book Club series by Katie over at Cake, Tea and Dreams. As an American series, I don’t think they have been publicised much here in the U.K but I did manage to get hold of them through Amazon. Over the last few weeks I’ve read four and a half books from the series (I think there are six in total) and I am really enjoying them. I’ll say straightaway that if you are looking for something challenging, look elsewhere, but for a gentle, funny and relaxing read, they are perfect. They also have the most girlie, delicious cover art as well which is lovely on your bedside table. It did stop me taking them with me to read out of the house as they are so twee (I didn’t want to be judged, so maybe a kindle version would have been a better choice!)!

Mother and Daughter Book Club series image

The series is written by Heather Vogel Frederick and focuses on a group of mothers and daughters in Concord, Massachusetts and their monthly book club. Each year, they are set a classic book or series ranging from Anne of Green Gables to Pride and Prejudice. Although the books do not shy away from issues such as bullying, it was really nice to read a story where women supported and looked after each other. The message about the joy of reading and the value books can add to your life is also, of course, perfect for me!

These books have added to my developing urge to visit New England and made me feel hungry whilst reading them as the book club always have lovely treats to accompany their discussions! The one that I have enjoyed the least so far is probably the current one I am reading, ‘Home for the Holidays’ but I think that is because I haven’t heard of the Betsy Tacy series of books they are discussing this time – not quite as international / universal as their normal choices. The blurb explains that you don’t need to have read the books the characters are discussing, but I think I’d disagree personally for full enjoyment.

As well as sending me on a bit of a baking binge, these books have also inspired me to re-read my beloved Anne of Green Gables – a trip into my parent’s cellar to dig it out of storage is coming up!

P.S. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, the Open University have drawn up this really cool infogram on influential women. I enjoyed having a play with it and hope you do to!

2 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. I have long loved Little Women and Anne, but read Daddy-Long-Legs as a result of reading the MDBC books and enjoyed it. And the Betsy-Tacy series is one of my favorites – my sister was named after Betsy Ray, so I’ve loved those books since I was a little girl. (The first few are aimed at children, but then the author takes Betsy through high school and on to Europe and marriage.)

    • Thanks Katie! I was wondering whether to track down the Betsy-Tacy series and you’ve convinced me. I think it is interesting that some books like Anne cross all borders and others like Betsy-Tacy do not as much, but a favourite of yours and your family means I’ve been missing out I think! I’ll look forward to reading it and thank you again – I would not have known about the MDBC without your post. Caroline

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