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Thank you Mrs T

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Margaret Thatcher taught me two very important things.

1. I could do anything I set my mind to.

From being born to the age of 6 or 7, the country I was growing up in had two female leaders, Mrs Thatcher and the Queen. That meant that I didn’t realise sexism was still an issue for a very long time. In addition to my parents telling me I could do anything I wanted, Mrs Thatcher showed me that women can achieve just as much as men and I thank her for that, even though I doubt she saw herself as a pioneer in that regard.

2. Be brave.

Whatever you think of her politics, Baroness Thatcher was an extremely brave woman. Watching her showed me the value of having clear principles, sticking to them and having the integrity to follow your convictions. Her responses to many challenges, including the IRA bombing and the Falklands invasion were extremely brave  and I respected her hugely for that. She also did not give in to bullies and again I think that is admirable.

I read about the news of her death today with sadness. Her family has my sympathy and I hope she receives the respect she deserves.

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