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A home of your own by Sally Coulthard


One of my presents for my recent birthday was a firm favourite – book vouchers! With them, I treated myself last week to a delicious new hardback – A home of your own: Creating interiors with character by Sally Coulthard.

A home of your own book jacket

A home of your own by Sally Coulthard

This beautiful book aims to inspire anyone to add character to their home. I love adding to my nest. My home is my refuge and a place to express myself, my relationship and my family. Coulthard sums it up nicely by saying: ‘Homes with character hit you as soon as you walk through the door. They are visually appealing places, but more than that, they exude warmth, laughter and love.’ I think getting to that stage can take a lifetime of collecting special furniture, mementos and, for me, books of course. Recently, a couple we are friends with have had their flat featured in a Design Sponge article and I thought it was a wonderful example of a beautiful, personal home with character and filled with love. My own home isn’t quite in such a perfect state, but we’re getting there gradually, one memory at a time.

2 thoughts on “A home of your own by Sally Coulthard

  1. Hi Caroline! I am really happy that “someone” told me about your blog…. I really enjoy reading it especially at lunch!! 🙂 Your friend’s house it’s absolutely lovely! I wish I could manage something even remotely close to that…. maybe a good start it’s your recommended book 🙂 . Manuel and I are definitely not the type of couple who would achieve something like this.. we do have our own skills but not in interior design!! What do you get if you unite a solicitor with a finance person? = a house without paintings for more than a year….
    About books on China… I was about to say Wild Swans when I got to the next paragraph…. Fantastic book!! I had my “History-Geography” era on books already, but I am afraid only one on China… I’ve been through Nigeria, Afghanistan, North Korea, India, Nepal….. If I can think about something else will let you know! xx

    • I’m so glad you like it Cristina, thank you! I’m sure your home is lovely and there is a lot to be said for not being too materialistic 😉 but I have found blogs like Design Sponge really inspiring for homey purchases! Do let me know if you have any other recommendations on China!

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