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What’s on your…


I’ve seen this list on a few of my favourite blogs and I thought I’d have a go myself. My natural curiosity means that I love these little windows into people’s homes and lives! Here is my own list, which I hope is interesting! As this is originally an American list, I’ve anglicised it a bit as I’m English.

What is on your….

1. Vanity (Dressing Table)

My favourite perfumes (Amouage Dia, Ciel and D&G The One), a jewellery stand with my watch, some earrings and a necklace, a cup with a black labrador design that holds my make-up brushes, my eyeshadow palettes (MAC and UD Naked 2), my hairbrush and a little glass elephant from our honeymoon in New Zealand.

2. Perennial to-do list

Clean my oven, read Middlemarch, ironing (I hate ironing!), go swimming, organise my bookshelves by colour and buy more bookshelves.

3. Refrigerator shelves

Cheese, yoghurts, milk, ham, chorizo, grapes, butter, spinach (my guinea pigs love it) and ingredients for whatever is for dinner that night.

4. Itinerary

Yorkshire to see my family this coming weekend, Northumberland in June, China in July, Shakespeare’s Globe in August to see Macbeth and Southern Spain in September for a wedding. Wow, that has cheered me up just thinking about what I’ve got planned!

5. Fantasy itinerary

Tour of New England, Scandinavia to see the Northern Lights, Iceland, Austria…and lots more!

6. Playlist

Country music compilations (country is my new thing!), Taylor Swift, Paloma Faith and Eva Cassidy

7. Nightstand (bedside table)

A huge, precarious pile of books, a lamp, Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm (expensive, but after years of chapped lips, I have found the best lip balm in the world!), Soap and Glory Hand Food

8. Workout plan

Move more!

9. iPhone

I have a HTC smartphone rather than an iPhone and on it I have lots of photos, text messages and lots of apps that I don’t really use.

10. Top 5 list

Spending time with family and friends, walking a dog, reading a good book in front of an open fire, a good cup of tea and the sound of the sea.

11. Bucket list

Get a dog, live in the countryside preferably with a view of the sea, write more, do a PhD

12. Mind

Planning a revamp of our front garden, how to do the right thing at work, how to stay more serene and worry less, where to find the perfect rug for our living room, when to bake cookies to take to Yorkshire and what to do this coming weekend in Yorkshire.

13. Blog roll

Too many to list here, but my absolute favourites are dovegreyreader, Cornflower Books, Cake, tea and dreams, and A Beautiful Mess.

14. Walls of your favourite room in your house

I like all the rooms in my house for different reasons but if I’m forced to choose…in my living room is a large painting of the church we got married in which was a wedding present from my uncle (an artist) and two photo canvases from our wedding day which I love.

15. Liquor shelf

Not that we really have a shelf, just a cubbyhole under our stairs, but Pimms or Rose wine is usually in stock in summer and Port or Red wine in winter.

15. TV every night

I’m enjoying Nashville  and Endeavour at the moment, but I’m trying to watch less T.V.

What is on your…?

2 thoughts on “What’s on your…

  1. Thanks Katie and thanks also for the inspiration! Yes I love your blog, you’ve got a lovely way of expressing things perfectly! When you describe needing to have quiet time with a book and a cup of tea on your lunch break I laughed as I am exactly the same! The one thing I can’t share though is your love of Oxford – I was at Cambridge so my loyalty lies further east 😉 .

    I was thinking of you recently when I heard the news about what happened in Boston, I’m so sorry and hope life is returning to normal as much as it can. Caroline x

  2. Love your list – these glimpses into others’ lives are so fun. And I’m honoured to be listed among your favourite blogs!

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