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A gift of books


Recently, my lovely Grandad gave me a gift of books. Here they are in their new home.


This set of Tennyson and Dickens, the Dickens in particular, bring back such strong memories of my childhood; seeing Grandad reading them, their wise and solemn presence in living room as I grew up and the smell of age and much love when I opened them. This is why they were so much more than a gift of leather, paper and ink; they were the gift of memories. So now these books will stand in my home, watching over me as I age and perhaps one day, I will pass them on myself to a daughter, son, niece or nephew. I will pass them on to someone who loves books as much as I do, as much as my Grandad does. In their covers will be preserved all of our memories of reading, of our family and of our homes. These books are my heirlooms and I will treasure them. Do you have books that are heirlooms?

2 thoughts on “A gift of books

  1. Ohhh Enid Blyton! That definitely brings back happy memories for me! It is nice and comforting to think about books being passed down through generations isn’t it?

  2. My grandmother gave me my mum’s old famous five books. I absolutely adore them and plan to pass them onto my children.

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