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Summer loves

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I thought I’d share ten of the things that make me happy in summer:

  • Small, sweet strawberries with a touch of sugar (I’m slightly betraying an English tradition here, but never cream for me!)
  • Pimms with fizzy lemonade, sharp mint, juicy cucumber and plenty of ice.
  • Planning my holiday reading list. I think about it very carefully!
  • Sparkly flip-flops – I love onomatopoeic words…and sparkles.
  • Crisp, light cotton dresses that smell of Fairy fabric softener and sunshine
  • The sea in every mood
  • I know it is a cliché, but when I walk past a game of cricket on a summer evening, hear the muted applause, see the whites and hear the familiar sound of leather on willow, everything feels so right.
  • A picnic with friends in the grounds of a country house (we do this almost every year) – thank you National Trust!
  • My guinea pigs jumping around on our lawn, enjoying the freedom and tasty new grass.
  • Open-top classic E-type Jaguars in ‘British Racing Green’. I don’t have one, but was there ever a car more made for glamorous sunny days meandering through the countryside?

What things make you happy in summer?

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