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Autumn is coming…

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As the nights are beginning to draw in noticeably and the air gets a little sharper, I’ve started to think about Autumn. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you might remember that Autumn is my favourite time of year (I wrote this post last year). I love the colour of the trees, the crunch of the leaves, the smell of bonfires and cuddly knits.

Here are a few things that are on my ‘looking forward to’ list for this autumn.

1. Autumn planting of our front garden flower bed.

I am no gardener, but we recently had our drive relaid, shovelled two tons of top soil and now have a flowerbed that looks like this (please excuse the phone photo):

Flowerbed in desperate need of planting!

Flowerbed in desperate need of planting!

What I had in mind was more this:

Hydrangeas, courtesy of WikiCommons and Raul654

Hydrangeas, courtesy of WikiCommons and Raul654

So we have some work to do. Apparently Autumn is a good time to plant hydrangeas so we might give it a try.

2. Read A Suitable Boy along with dovegreyreader as described here.

3. Getting the slow cooker out. I have just started receiving veg boxes delivered to my door with lovely seasonal produce tucked inside. I feel like a contestant on MasterChef as I unpack them all and plan what soup / stew / roast I can possibly make with them!  I love going out for a cold walk, leaving the slow cooker on and coming back to the most wonderful, homey smells.

4.  Craving a cuddly cashmere knit. I think this one would be wonderful.

5. Burning candles again. Nothing beats curling up with a book while a spicy, vanillery (is that a word?!) candle burns after a long, cold day. It is at times like that I really miss my parents’ open fire. My candles will have to do for now, but one day I’d like a wood burner or open fire of my own!

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?

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