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A Private History of Happiness No. 2

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After reading Myerson’s A Private History of Happiness, I’ve been thinking more about happiness and decided to consult my other new book on the subject. The Novel Cure – An A to Z of Literary Remedies prescribes for ‘happiness, searching for’ Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. That wouldn’t have been my choice I’m not going to lie, but here is what authors Berthoud and Elderkin have to say:

The relentless pursuit of happiness is an aliment, and  must be cured. Ray Bradbury knew this too…Fahrenheit 451 will teach you that life is made of a rich variety of experiences. Live to the full not by seeking happiness, but by embracing knowledge, literature, truth and feelings of every sort.

Hmmm, that feels quite profound doesn’t it? Food for thought!! But in the meantime, on a less profound note, I will leave you with a few autumnal pictures that make me happy. I hope they do for you too!

Roaring Fire

Roaring Fire and Pumpkins

2013-10-26 18.18.50

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