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A Yorkshire walk

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Happy New Year to all my lovely readers and followers.

Its been a busy start to the New Year so far for me. To help me maintain my holiday serenity and general good mood, I have been reflecting on walking generally and one walk in particular.

On 29th December, my husband and I set off to walk on the Yorkshire Moors, a short drive from my parents in Thirsk (for your interest, a small market town with literary / television connections. It is the supposed nearest town to Downton Abbey in the wonderful series and is also the setting for James Herriot’s stories). My husband is a keen walker and all round general sporty person. I would describe myself as more of a meanderer who likes the idea of the romance of striding out on to the moors (like Emily Bronte!) slightly more than the reality, usually. This walk was a bit different though. It was a rare, perfect winter day and we had the most perfect walk.

Tree on the North Yorkshire moors

We started in a small hamlet called Hutton-le-Hole (isn’t that a wonderful name?). It looked like this:

Hutton-le-Hole. North Yorkshire

We then walked across the countryside to the next village, Lastingham, which looked like this:

Lastingham, North Yorkshire

And we had our lunch whilst we looked at this view:

North Yorkshire Moors, view from Lastingham Millennium Cross

Things did get a little muddy at times:

Yorkshire Mud!

But the beauty was astounding. In fact, it is difficult for me to describe how I felt as I looked at those views without sounding unduly hyperbolic (to quote Prof. Bryan Cox‘s favourite phrase!), so I won’t! What I will say though is that I felt more alive during that walk than I had in months. Both my lungs and soul felt clean and sparkly. I’m now back in London and trying desperately to cling on to that feeling. I’ll need another fix soon…

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