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Gabriel Garcia Marquez


I was saddened last night to learn of the death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Many better obituaries than I could write are being published, a selection of which are below. However, what I would say, is that the world has never looked quite the same for me since finishing Love in the Time of Cholera and that is the mark of a truly great novelist in my opinion.

BBC tribute to Marquez

The Guardian’s tribute to Marquez

The Huffington Post’s tribute to Marquez


2 thoughts on “Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  1. I am very happy you share your admiration for him! Thanks for the lovely words!!

    Where have you been!!?? one of your loyal fans is officially complaining!!!! 🙂

    • I’m sorry it has been so long! I’ve just put a new post up though with a few more planned, so hopefully Chestnut Book Blog is back! Thank you so much for your card and see you soon! C x

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