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Kindle anyone?

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Kindle, Kobo, E-Reader? Have you got your e-book reader yet? Or perhaps you are more of an iPad person? This issue was thrown into sharp focus for me recently as my husband lifted my holiday suitcase up. He groaned and moaned at the weight. The source of the problem was my hardbacks. He asked, quite reasonably, whether it was really necessary to take hardbacks on holiday with me and why didn’t I get a Kindle? I’d be lying to say I haven’t thought about it a lot. However, I just love books. I can’t help it. I don’t think swiping my finger over a dull screen would give me the same experience I have when opening a fresh book with a satisfying swish, sniff and crunch. I do realise I sound like a Luddite, and I do think e-books have their place (Fifty Shades of Grey being an excellent example and no, I haven’t read it…yet). The main thing that is putting me off is money, as I know I would buy an e-book for my e-reader and then still buy the real book if I enjoyed it. A double whammy! So as my husband keeps hinting that a Kindle might be a good thing for me to ask Father Christmas for, I will keep thinking about it and let you know if I succumb! In the meantime, this post from A Little Blog of Books sums up the pros and cons very well, with a great discussion in the comments as well.