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Books make a Home by Damian Thompson

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Books make a home

Books make a home by Damian Thompson

We’ve recently finished decorating our house from top to bottom and I was musing on how to store my books to best effect. I decided that I needed some bookish help to do that and found this little gem on Amazon. It is a beautiful coffee table book and has some stunning interiors in as well for those inclined to be nosy about other people’s homes (like me!). I took away from this book that rather than confining my books to three Ikea book shelves in our smallest room and piles by my bed, I need to start incorporating them into all the rooms in my house. The first thing I did is moved my cookery books into the dining room using an old cabinet and you can see the results below! I am really pleased as you can see them as soon as you walk into the room and it has made it a lot easier for me to consult them! My second action plan is to collect a few more beautiful hardback books and display them in my living room. Finally, if this is not too anal, I’m going to have a go at colour-coding my paper backs in the afore-mentioned Ikea bookcases! I’ll post a picture when I’ve done it.

My cookery books

And room for more!