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Five favourite things

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Here are a few of my favourite things / things making me smile this week:

1. I saw this on Facebook this week and it struck a chord! I believe that not caring at all what others think is not always a good thing (that way megalomania lies!) but I am both a healthier and happier person when I don’t worry too much about other people’s opinions..and that is getting easier as I get older.


2. Galia melon and Parma ham, a flavour combination made in heaven…I have always loved it, but recently have been compelled to have it at least twice a week!

3. I have a book voucher to spend courtesy of my lovely brother and his fiancée. I am enjoying browsing the shelves of the enormous Waterstones Piccadilly and contemplating my choice. Anticipation is sometimes more than half the fun isn’t it?!

4. Orly Hottie Nail Varnish: neon pink, garish, vulgar and I am loving it on my toes! Summer in a small bottle.

5. I finally got round to weeding and tidying up my front garden. It had looked a bit neglected for a while and it was irritating me!  Now, I can look at the freshly dug soil and thriving hydrangea bush with a deep sense of satisfaction!

What have you been enjoying this week?

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